Chopped geotextile: is indispensable when constructing the competition fields

Since 2004, AQUAIZOL Factory produces nonwoven geotextile of polyester fibers by needle-punched method using thermal bonding according to the staple technology. Production is certified according to the standard ISO 9001:2008. 

When constructing the covering (cake) for the separation between layers of bulk materials for fields, paddocks, indoor arenas and tracks “RUNO”  geotextile is used with the density of 200-300 g/m2. He also performs the drainage function, promotes the abstraction of excessive water during the spring snowmelt and after the rains. 

Since December 2009, we have started to produce chopped geotextile, which is widely used as filler for the top soil layer for modern construction of competition fields. This is the analogous of the chopped geotextile of import manufacturers.

Colour - white, grey, green. Size: 2-4 cm length, 0.5-2 cm width

Nonwoven geotextile  (including chopped) has some remarkable qualities that make it the best filler in conjunction with sand for the top layer of soil in equestrian facilities.

Properties (advantages) of nonwoven geotextile:

  • • high modulus of elasticity, which provides cushioning and shock load mitigation to the back and legs of a horse when jumping, reduces injuries during work;
  • • high temperature resistance and chemical inertness, resistance to aggressive biological effects;
  • • environmentally friendly material that does not cause allergic reactions for horses;
  • • due to production technology it does not rot, it does not develop mold and fungi, which is conducive to the horses' hooves;
  • • it is resistant to sunlight, rodents and insects ignore it;
  • • it is reliable and durable material, retains all its properties for 15-20 years, both at outdoors and in indoor arenas;
  • • it attracts particles of sand, that provides a significant reduction of dust;
  • • it absorbs moisture, evenly distributes it, keeps it without letting to evaporate quickly, allowing you to carry less watering.
Строительство дренажей и спортивных площадок

All these qualities of the chopped geotextile make it indispensable for all who care about the health of their horses.

Price per 1 kg - 12,72/18,60 UAH  with VAT


Self-delivery from a warehouse of AQUAIZOL Factory (Kharkiv region, Podvorko v.).