Materials Ruberit TM

Materials Ruberit TM in their technical and operational characteristics are far superior the counterparts from other manufacturers, while remaining competitive.

Roofing and waterproofing materials of Ruberit trademark have been produced by the AQUAIZOL Roofing Membranes Factory since the spring of 2002. Thanks to the original recipe of bitumen binder, the material has the required operational characteristics at a low price. Reinforcing basis of glass fiber or polyester does not rot and aging. The upper layer of material is protected by slate dressing compound. Heat resistance is +100 °C, the temperature of flexibility is -10°C.

Optimally matched components in the recipe of the lining Ruberit allowed to create a material with good operational characteristics, while saving a low price. Lining Ruberit has a heat resistant up to +100 °C and the temperature of flexibility -10°C. The reinforcing base is fiberglass, coating is film/film.

Since 2011, AQUAIZOL Factory has started to produce the new kind of material – Ruberit ECO. It is a special budget bitumen- polymer material for the upper and lower roof mat. It has a heat resistance +95 °C and the temperature of flexibility -5 °C. The material for the upper layer is produced from fiberglass and polyester with a protective dressing of granite granulate, and the material for the lower layer is on both sides coated with a protective film.

Materials of Ruberit trademark are designed for waterproofing and repairing of the flat roofs (up to 20°) of buildings for industrial and civil use. Ruberit laying is conducted by padding method with the help of a propane or oil burner. Before laying the foundation should be thoroughly cleaned and dried, if necessary, it should be processed with bitumen primer. It is recommended to lay the material in two layers - lining and basic. In this case the side lap must be at least 80 mm, and the end - 150 mm. In case of the complete removal of the old roof mat and the regeneration of new and reliable roofing, it is recommended to use Rubeirt PE -2,0, Ruberit PE -2,5 Ruberit PE-3,0 as the underlay material.
It is permitted to lay one layer of Ruberit with dressing compound on the prepared base of traditional ruberoid.

Ruberit is produced in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian state standard DSTU B.V.2.7 -101 -2000.

The overall dimensions of a roll is 10 x 1 m, roll weight is 35 and 40 kg for material with dressing and 15 x 1 m, weight is 30, 37.5 and 45 kg for the material without dressing compound. The material is packed on pallets 1180 x 970 mm, fixed with polypropylene tape and shrink plastic cover. 23 Ruberit rolls can be placed on one pallet.

Attention! On the important roof nodes such as valley, joining, and heat crack, it is recommended to use AQUAIZOL bitumen-polymer materials instead of Ruberit to increase the reliability of the construction.

Technical specification of Ruberit materials 

Materials Ruberit Ruberit ECO
Without dressing With dressing Without dressing With dressing
Roll size, m 15х1 10х1 15х1 10х1
Weight 1 sq.m., kg 2,0; 2,5; 3,0  4,0 2,5 4,0
Modification APP                                                 plastomers
Heat resistance, С +100 +100 +95 +95
Flexibility on a bar, С -10 -5 -5
Upper protective cover film slate film slate
Water resistance Absolute