Price list

AQUAIZOL Shingles is produced only of polymer-modified bitumen.

Benefits of AQUAIZOL Shingles:

• installation of roofing of any complexity, shape and configuration;
• color hydrophobic ceramising chips, ensuring the consistent appearance of the roof;
• resistance to cyclic temperature changes over a wide range.

AQUAIZOL Shingles is made only of polymer-modified bitumen.
Service life of such tiles is at least 30 years.


Prices in EUR, with VAT as of 19.11.2018

Form Color Price EUR per m2
(FCA Kharkov)
New: Red ECO, Green ECO, Brown ECO  
Red mix, Green mix, Brown mix  
New: Marengo (black + blue + black and dark grey)  
Mountain canyon (brown + black shadow)  
Warm wax (antique + brown + red)  
Fiery lava (red + brown)  
Terracotta (antique + red)  
Autumn maple (antique + brown)  
Hawaiian sand (black + dark grey)  
Red poppy (red + black shadow)  
Alpine meadow (green + black shadow)  
New: Red ECO, Green ECO, Brown ECO  
Malachite (green + black)  
Graphite (grey+black)  
Cedar (red + grey + brown shade)  
Marengo (black + blue + black and dark grey)  
Ripe pomegranate (red + black)  
Mountain canyon (brown + black shadow)  
Sinai (red + brown + antique)  
Persia (brown + antique + antique light)  
New: Morocco (red + brown + antique + antique light)  
Hot chocolate (brown + antique + black + grey)  
Whiskey (brown + antique + red + black + grey)  
Alpine meadow (green + black shadow)  

Unit of shingles: Packaging - 3 sq.m

Component parts for shingles

Name Basis Unit Price EUR/sq.m
(FCA Kharkov)
Price, EUR/pc
(FCA Kharkov)
Apex-cornice tile
glass-fibre wrapping material pack 12/21 m/l (21 shingles)  
Flagon mat
polyester 10 sq.m (1.0 x 10)    
Underlay mat СХ-1,5
glass-fibre wrapping material 20 sq.m (1.0 x 20)    
Underlay mat PE-1,5
polyester 20 sq.m (1.0 x 20)    

Component parts for roofing

Name Appearance Description Unit Price, UAH/pc
Price, UAH/pc
(red, green, grey)
1 2
Eaves board KP-1/ KP-2
(red, green, brown)
Карнизная планка КП-1/ КП-2 Карнизная планка КП-1/ КП-2 Galvanized steel,
Polymer coated
25 mк
2 r.m. 72,00/75,00 96,00/99,00
Peak flashing
PT-1/ PT-2

(red, green, brown)
Peak flashing  ПТ-1/ ПТ-2 Peak flashing ПТ-1/ ПТ-2 Galvanized steel,
Polymer coated
25 mк
2 r.m. 99,00/114,00 126,00/150,00
Joining plank
PP-1/ PP-2

(red, green, brown)
Joining plank  ПТ-1/ ПТ-2 Joining plank ПТ-1/ ПТ-2 Galvanized steel,
    Polymer coated
    25 mк
2 r.m. 108,00/108,00 147,00/147,00
Special aerator
(red, green, brown, black)
Special aerator Dimension: 420 х 300 х 60
    Weight: 0,3 kg
1 pc 174,00
Apex aerator
ТApex aerator Dimension: 1220 x 280 x 34
    Weight: 1,24 kg
1 pc 255,00

Related materials

Name Unit Pack weight, kg Price, EUR/un
(FCA Kharkov)
Galvanized roofing nails set 5 kg  
Aquaizol Cold mastic bucket 10 kg  

Transportation is carried out on Euro pallets. 36 packs of shingles per pallet. Flexible system of discounts for large wholesale and regular customers!