08 October 2018
What is the difference between Ruberit materials and Ruberit ECO material?

They differ by their properties, range, guaranteed service life and price.

Ruberit ECO is cheaper, and Ruberit is better and more durable.

The choice of material grade depends on the task you have to solve and your finances. All materials of “Aquaizol” Plant passed Ukrainian and European certification, these are reliable materials manufactured in Ukraine for use in our climatic conditions.

Table of comparison for Ruberit and Ruberit ECO materials:

Material properties Material grades Conclusion
Ruberit Ruberit ECO
Specific weight, kg/m2 2,0; 2,5 2,5 The range of Ruberit is twice wider than that of Ruberit ECO
3.5; 4,0 4,0
Quantity of material grades 8 4
Type of protective coating Film
Heat resistance for 2 hours 100 90 Ruberit has better heat resistance by 10°C
Flexibility by radius of curvature, R=25 mm -7 -5 Ruberit has better parameter by 2°C
Base Glass cloth or polyester Glass cloth or polyester No difference
Guaranteed service life, years 15 10 Ruberit guaranteed service life of Ruberit is by 5 years (1.5 times) longer than that of Ruberit ECO.

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