17 July 2019
Morion Mosaic and Mexico Accent — Why Is Their Retail Price Significantly Lower?


If the physical and technical characteristics and the warranty period for the Morion Mosaic and Mexico Accent bituminous tiles do not differ from other collection items, why is their retail price significantly lower?


These two brands are allocated in a separate price group because the cost of their production is significantly lower than that of other items in the collection.

This is achieved by using basalt dressing remaining from the production of other items of the collection, as well as owing to no requirements for the presence of a color gamut (the number of dressing colors) on one shingle. Both Morion and Mexico have one primary color with a chaotic spread of dark spots, while the rest of the collection’s items have a dressing of several colors sprinkled on one shingle in a certain, specified sequence and proportion. Thus, the only reason for the lower cost of Morion Mosaic and Mexico Accent is the lower cost of basalt dressing used in its production. There are no other reasons or differences..