10 November 2016

AQUAIZOL for builders and architects

On November 9, 2016, AQUAIZOL" Plant took part in construction & architecture conference called "Advanced technologies in up-to-date construction".
The Conference was held in the VIP-sector conference hall of "Metallist" Stadium in Kharkov.
More than a hundred of Kharkov architects, designers, roofing contractors, lecturers of faculties of architecture and civil engineering were acquainted with changes in the production range and costs of roofing materials manufactured by AQUAIZOL" Plant. The Conference participants pointed out increase of market share of Aquaizol materials in the roofing market of Kharkov without compromise with quality and delivery time.
A special interest was aroused by Aquaizol materials and  Ruberit  with basalt grit. No doubt, in the next roofing season, these materials will occupy rightful place in the roofing market.