AQUAIZOL Shingles are ideal solution for your house!

Shingles are flexible 6-layers roofing in form of the roofing figured shingles. The substrate of this kind of shingles is solid glassfiber, reinforcing 3 layers of polymer-bituminen paste, covered with colorful basaltic chips. The color of the shingles is saved without changes due to the ceramization of the colorful basaltic dressing compound. The basaltic dressing compound is colored by the non-organic dye and fired at high temperatures (over 800 °C), creating a ceramic glaze.

Soft shingles are one of the most popular roofing in Europe and North America today. Unlike other roofing, flexible shingles are almost waste-free, and it is suitable for simple surfaces, as well as for roofs containing complex architectural elements.

It is difficult to overestimate obvious advantages of roofing shingles - above all, it is the durability and the simplicity of service and maintenance, the possibility to use on slopes 12° to negative angles, no noise while the rain and wind load resistance.

AQUAIZOL Shingles have been produced since 2003 and have a strong position on the Ukrainian roofing market. In 2015 the AQUAIZOL Roofing Membranes Factory has presented the names of well-known series, Mosaic and Accent, which contain up to 11 unique colors respectively.

AQUAIZOL Shingles have features especially selected for Central European climatic conditions, key distinction of which is the cyclic variation of temperature over wide range. Compliance with the international standards of quality and reasonable price make Aquaizol shingles popular for builders all around the world.

The AQUAIZOL Roofing Membranes Factory guarantees the stability of physical and mechanical properties of shingles for 25 years.

General information

Operating temperature: -40 to 110 °C, water-resistant - absolute.

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