Мастики и грунтовки АКВАИЗОЛ

AQUAIZOL Mastics and Primers

Price list for mastic and bitumen primer 
Prices in UAH with VAT of 20.09.2019

Name Bucket Price per bucket, UAH
Bituminous primer (primer) 18 kg 795,00
Mastic 10 kg 486,00

Pricelist for mastic and bitumen primer
Prices in UAH with VAT of 20.09.2019

Name Description Price, UAH
Primer bituminous
Aquaizol AR-20
(bucket of 20 l)
Bitumen primer designed
for processing mineral bases
under the built-up bitumen-polymer
roofing and waterproofing materials
Aerator spec.
(red, gren, broun, black)
395х284х100 mm
Weight:0,590 kg
Aerator skate (black) 1220х280х34 mm
Weight: 1,24 kg
Roofing fan d75/d110 mm 72,60/84,00
Roofing funnels  d 100 / d 150 mm 95,70/108,90
Roofing nails
packing 5kg 300,00