Akvaizol Mastics and primers

AQUAIZOL Mastics and Primers

Price list for mastic and bitumen primer 
Prices in UAH with VAT of 27.10.2014

Name Bucket Price per bucket, UAH
Bituminous primer (primer) 18 kg  
Mastic 10 kg  

Pricelist for mastic and bitumen primer
Prices in UAH with VAT of 08.09.2014

Name Description Price, UAH
Roofing fan Enables ventilation of waterproof
coatings, removing water vapour from
under the upper layers of the roof
Burner  Designed to perform roofing
work on the soft roof, running on liquefied
petroleum gas (propane-butane)
Set  burner, reducer, propane hose 10 m  
Roofing funnels  d 100 / d 150 mm  
Roofing nails