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Price list for related products
Prices in UAH, including VAT from 26.09.2022

Name Unit Package weight, kg Price, UAH / unit
Galvanized roofing nails package 5 kg 768,00 UAH
Bitumen-rubber mastic AM-10 'Aquaizol', 3 kg bucket 3 kg 345,00 UAH
Bitumen-rubber mastic AM-10 'Aquaizol', 10 kg bucket 10 kg 990,00 UAH

Price list for accessories
Prices in UAH, including VAT from 26.09.2022

Name Description Price, UAH
Bituminous primer
Aquaizol AP-20
(bucket 20 l)
Bitumen primer is intended for the
treatment of mineral substrates for surfacing
bitumen-polymer roofing and waterproofing materials
1815,00 UAH / unit
Roof fans (weather vane)
d75 / d110 mm
Makes possible ventilation of waterproofing coatings
by removing water vapor from under the upper
layers of the roof or inside insulation.
99,00/135,00 UAH / unit
Roofing funnels
d100 / d150 mm
Designed to remove
accumulated rainwater
from the surface of flat roofs.
120,00/144,00 UAH / unit
Ventilation outlet Mastervent
(brown, green, black, grey)
The ventilation outlet is necessary for the passage of the
ventilation duct through the roof. High quality impact resistant
polypropylene is used. You will also need self-tapping screws
at least 12 pcs, according to the instructions.
1274,00 UAH / unit