About Roofing Membranes Factory AQUIZOL

The AQUAIZOL Roofing Membranes Factory was founded in 1998. The company started the production of bitumen membranes in 1999, the manufacture of shingles in 2003, the production of nonwoven polyester geotextile in 2004. Over the years, more than 65 million square meters of our bitumen membranes and 3 million square meters of shingles were used in Ukraine. Ten-year application of "Aquaizol" products in different climates and different loads confirmed the high quality of the produced material. 

All manufactured rolled melting, polymer-modified bitumen, roofing and waterproofing materials under Aquaisol and Ruberit trademarks are certified within UkrSEPRO State Certification System and meet the requirements of:
DSTU B V.2.7-101-2000 (GOST 30547-97) «Roofing and waterproofing materials. General specifications"

Pricelist of AQUAIZOL Roofing Membranes Factory has 42 positions of polymer-modified bitumen materials (bitumen membranes) for roofing and waterproofing works. All polymer-bitumen membranes of our production are divided into 6 groups.
AQUAIZOL Roofing Membranes Factory produces materials such as Ruberit ECO, Ruberit, Aquaizol ECO, Aquaizol APP, Aquaizol SBS, Aquaizol ELAST, Aquaizol - Waterproofing, Aquaizol Shingles, RUNO geotextile.

Technological capabilities of the equipment for the production of shingles allow producing products of different shapes and colours. AQUAIZOL Shingles are supplemented with the roofing materials.
Thanks to AQUAIZOL roof shingles the residential and office buildings acquire a modern look. 

Multistage system of quality control, the use of raw materials of the leading manufacturers, careful observance of the rules of the technological process provided AQUAIZOL material with the worthy popularity.

High quality of the AQUAIZOL TM was awarded with "Visha Proba" of Assembly of business circles of Ukraine.