Roofing calculator

Online calculator: we can count the number of materials needed for roofing or the facade of your house

How to use calculator

If you already have drawings of your house, you can calculate the amount of materials you need for roofing or facade using our online calculator. To do that you need the dimensions of the house. To calculate it follow the step-type instruction.

However, you should remember that if the architectural design is complex, to obtain the accurate results it requires an individual approach to the materials calculation procedure. And it is not possible with the online calculator. You can always get this service in our representative offices.

Ridge is the top horizontal edge of the roof, formed by the intersection of two roofing pitches. The ridged element can be set there for additional protection against the precipitation and to increase the aesthetic effect.

Rake Edge is a lateral part of the roof pitch. At this point the roof exposes to significant wind loads. To protect the edges of the roofing from wind, and under roof space from moisture, there should be end or wind flashings at the ends.

Eave is a lower part of the roof overhanging above the building. It performs the functions of protecting the surface of the wall from rain water. Besides this roofing material in these places requires an extra protection from the bad weather. The eaves board shall be set therewith the abovementioned purpose.

Valley (flank) is the inner concave corner formed by two pitched roof. It is one of the most vulnerable places of the pitched roof. It requires special attention during installation of additional waterproofing and special additional elements such as flagons.

Joining is the area of roof connection to the wall or chimney. Just as the flagon it requires an extra waterproofing and appropriate additional elements/ joining.

Ventilation elements (aerators, air apexes) – they perform the function of roof space ventilation, preventing the formation of condensation and decay in “roofing pie”. They are required to be installed on all types of bituminous (soft) roofs.

Fasteners (screws, glue, clamps, etc.) are that, by means of which roofing and additional elements are fixed to the base. When installing the metal roofing it is necessary to use screws with special gasket of weather-proof rubber. Head color of such screws can be chose with the color of the roofing. When installing shingle it is necessary to use galvanized nails with a wide hat and bitumen mastic.

Step.1. Enter desired amount of materials:
Name Units Amount
Roof area m2
Ridges r.m.
Eaves r.m.
Rake Edge r.m.
Valley r.m.
Joining r.m.