Accessories for bitumen membranes

Primer bituminous Aquaizol AP-20 (bucket of 20 l)

Bitumen primer designed for processing mineral bases under the built-up bitumen-polymer roofing and waterproofing materials.

Праймер битумный

Roofing fan d75/d110 mm

Roofing fan enables the ventilation of waterproof coatings, removing water vapour from under the upper layers of the roofing or inside the insulation. Thus preventing the formation of bubbles on the surface of waterproofing and the thermal insulation characteristics remain unchanged.

Roofing fan

Roofing funnel

Roofing funnel is designed to remove the accumulated rainwater from the surface of flat roofs. When installed on the roof the horizontal part the funnel is lapped between two layers of bitumen-polymer material.

Roofing funnel